The Adventures In Animal Kingdom

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Come see where I am on my book!

So ... I'm thinking of re-writing the book. Like, totally. I hate the beginning and stuff and my writing style has changed. So I'm going to finish the book and start rewriting it.
I've been writing on my book a lot!! Just random scenes, but I'm getting there. :) Anyways, one scene is in the "My Journal" section. I've written a total of five pages yesterday. That's fine. It's better than last week's total: 0. Anyways, I got really frustrated this morning at something so that will probably show up in my book. :/

ACK! It's been long, so long. Gr. Well, I dusted off my book and finished a chapter AND started to write an upcoming part. I have to tell myself not to look back, though. I stopped in the middle of a thought, picked it up two months later and just look at it and go ... "What was I trying to say here?" IT GETS SO FRIKKIN ANNOYING
Weeehay. It's been awhile. Month or more .... Anywhosel, Chapter 16 now has a whole page and a half! I will do more on it I promise, I promise, but first I need to catch up in school. I'm behind in almost every subject except Apologetics and Algebra. O.O
I got a few other people to read part of my book, and they loved it! I finished Chapter 15 two days ago, yay!
One page done, mealy, I know, But I'm working on character portraits!
Today was a slow going day. I didn't get much done, but I'm on Chapter 14!